Refinishing a Sporterized Krag Stock

Sporterized and unofficial modified Krags
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Re: Refinishing a Sporterized Krag Stock

Post by todd444 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:17 pm

if you want to strip a stock, try citristrip. i take the stock and slather it with citristrip and i put the stock down an the heel and fore-end(upside down for those of us who have to look it up!!!! :D ) on a sheet of aluminium foil. then places grocery bags(3 or 4) on top of stock. i wait 24+/- hours, then i wipe it off using paper towels and two or three squirts of mean green. repeat if necessary. i never have to do it a 3rd time. ... ti-purpose

to finish the stock:
1. steam out the scratches
2. 400 grit sand paper over the entire stock
3. 4 ought steel wool over the entire stock
4. wipe it down with tack cloth
5. min-wax antique oil(3 - 7 coats, depends on your taste) ... osJoeWRhea
6. (optional) pumice stone over the entire stock
7. (optional) rotten stone over the entire stock
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sorry about the picture
this is a 93 spanish mauser stock(1924 i think). its now on step 5 and i'm waiting for it to dry(the 4th coat). i'm on the fence to do step 6 and 7. i did a dark walnut oil paste coat to fill up some of the scratches (2 coats). (to use in between step 2 and step 3)
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Re: Refinishing a Sporterized Krag Stock

Post by Texas10 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 7:24 pm

Here is a photo of the Krag stock stripped of finish. About 10 minutes work using Krud Kutter. Spray it on, let sit 5 minutes and wipe off with wet rag. A crack is visible starting at the corner of the dove tail joint and the joint itself has a gap I can slide a .002 feeler gage into.

Any suggestions as to the degree of repair I should be planning? That dove tail joint might present a problem if I decide to pursue removing and re gluing that piece.
Stripped of finish
Stripped of finish
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Re: Refinishing a Sporterized Krag Stock

Post by butlersrangers » Tue Jan 26, 2021 7:48 pm

Nice job of stripping old finish.

I took the liberty of editing your picture. The green arrow indicates the seam of the added 'pistol-grip'. The red arrow indicates a split in the original wood, probably caused by the tight fit of the added-on grip.

I would not worry too much about that split and just work some 'epoxy-bedding' or wood-glue & walnut 'sawdust' into any open seams or cracks. A bronze brush and appropriate small files could clean-up any damaged 'checkering-diamonds.'
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